Military Grade Instant Messaging Communications

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Strong Encryption

All IMBox communications and databases are securely encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256 bits)

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IMBox is the only messaging solution certified to comply with the ENS as described in Real Decreto 951/2015

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IMBox technology is scalable to the point that the biggest system we have deployed has more than 1 million active users

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On Premise

IMBox can be fully deployed in your own datacenter so that only you are in control of hardware & software

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IMBox aims to achieve 100% uptime, that's why our solution can be distributed across geographically dispersed datacenters

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Data Expiration

All files and messages exchanged can be completely deleted after a predefined period of time

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File Restrictions

To better control the flow of sensitive information you can restrict users from sending some file types or disable downloads

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Device Control

Limit the number of devices from where a user can log in or ban unknown ones from accessing the service. Administrators can also remotely wipe all IMBox data from a lost or stolen device

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Rest API

Take advantage of IMBox Rest API and enable your systems to send automated push notifications to users